Checklist & Troubleshooting

Optimizing your campaign on TikTok Ads Manager requires strategic planning and careful monitoring. With the right approach to budgeting, bidding, and creative design, you can ensure your ads perform at their best. This comprehensive checklist will guide you through the essentials of campaign optimization and troubleshooting on TikTok.

Optimization Checklist


1. Leave Campaign Budget Open: Instead of setting a Lifetime Budget, opt for a Daily Budget at the ad group level. This allows for more flexibility and better adjustment to ad performance.

2. Initial Daily Budget: Start with a Daily Budget that is at least 20 times your target Cost Per Action (CPA). This ensures you have enough budget to generate significant data and optimize effectively.

3. Adjustment Period: When you make changes to your ad group budget, allow at least 2 days for the ad group to adjust before making any further modifications. This period helps the system recalibrate and optimize based on the new budget.

Note: Check out Tiktok’s Guide on Budget Best Practices


1. Set Bid as Target CPA: Align your bid with your target CPA to ensure you are spending efficiently and maximizing return on investment.

2. Avoid Frequent Edits: Refrain from editing your bid and targeting more frequently than every 2 days. Frequent changes can disrupt the learning phase and affect ad performance.

3. Moderate Bid Changes: When you need to change your bid, keep adjustments within 20% of the current bid to maintain stability and allow the algorithm to adapt smoothly.

4. oCPM (Optimized Cost Per Mille): Avoid editing your ad group (budget, bid, targeting, creative) until it passes the learning phase. Keep changes to your ad group budget within a 50% range of the current budget to maintain consistency.

Note: Check out Tiktok’s Guide on Bidding Best Practices & Bidding Methods


1. Utilize TikTok's Creative Tools: Leverage tools like Smart Video to efficiently design new creatives. These tools can help you produce engaging and effective content without significant time investment.

2. Diverse Creatives: Aim for a variety of creatives. Avoid adding multiple similar creatives as it can lead to ad fatigue. Diverse creatives keep your audience engaged and interested.

3. Regular Updates: Update your creatives at least every 7 days. Fresh content keeps your audience engaged and helps maintain high performance.

4. Extend Ad Group Lifetime: When adding new creatives, add them to an existing ad group. This extends the lifetime of the ad group and leverages the existing optimization data.

5. Automated Creative Optimization: If you have at least 10 ad creatives, consider using Automated Creative Optimization. This feature helps in rotating and optimizing creatives automatically based on performance.

6. Ad Specifications: Ensure your creatives meet TikTok’s video ad and image ad specifications. Adhering to these specifications ensures your ads run smoothly without any issues.

7. TikTok Native Content: Make sure your video content feels native to TikTok. Authentic, light-editing and organic-feeling content tends to perform better on the platform.

Note: Check out Tiktok’s Guide on Creative best practices


1. Few or No Impressions

• Check Ad Approvals: Ensure your ads are approved and comply with TikTok’s guidelines.

•Active Status: Confirm that your ad groups and ads are active.

•Correct Scheduling: Verify that your ads are scheduled according to your account’s time zone.

• Video Resolution: Ensure the resolution of your video creative is above 640 x 640 pixels. Lower resolutions can negatively impact ad delivery.

• Account Funds: Make sure you have sufficient funds in your account to support your ad spend.

• Audience Targeting: Broaden your targeting if you are reaching too narrow an audience. Expanding your audience increases the potential for more impressions.

• Increase Bid: If your bid is too low, try increasing it to remain competitive. Review bidding best practices to optimize your approach.

2. Declining Ad Group Performance

1. Adjust Targeting: Reassess and modify your targeting parameters to better reach your desired audience.

2. Bid Adjustments: Review and adjust your bid to stay competitive in the auction.

3. Creative Refresh: Update or change your creatives to re-engage your audience and improve ad performance.

Optimizing your TikTok ad campaigns is crucial for maximizing performance and achieving your marketing goals. By carefully managing your budget, bidding strategy, and creative content, you can create effective and engaging campaigns. Regular monitoring and adjustments based on performance data ensure your ads continue to deliver desired results. TikTok’s unique platform and diverse audience offer immense potential for brands willing to adapt and innovate. Implementing these optimization and troubleshooting strategies will help you make the most of your TikTok advertising efforts.

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