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TikTok Live Selling

Weekly Live Shows (monthly credits)
48 hours
60 hours
90 hours
Studio Setup
Custom OBS Overlay
Number of Hosts (max per month)
2 hosts
3 hosts
4 hosts

Organic Content & Social Media Management

Storyboards & Scripts
Creator & Affiliate Management
Monthly Content (60 secs max)
12 videos
20 videos
30 videos
Social Media Management (strategy and publishing)

Performance Marketing & Affiliates

TikTok Ads Management (Setup and maintenance)
Meta Ads Management (Setup and maintenance)
Monthly Affiliates (max per month)
20 creators
30 creators
40 creators
Analytics & Reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Creator Commerce?
Creator commerce is the segment of ecommerce where content creators, thought leaders, and founders market and sell products they either own or represent.
Why do you think it is the future?
Customers will lean towards brands that are led by relatable, informative, and entertaining figures. Faceless brands will lose their relevance as people turn to creator-led brands.
How do we find creators to work with?
We can work with creators in your niche or we can work with someone in your team to be the lead storyteller for your brand.
What brands implement this already?
You see this strategy often in many tech startups (like Apple or Tesla) but many popular retail brands are already leveraging their founders as the lead storyteller of their brand.
Can we opt out of the creator commerce strategy entirely?
Our entire strategy is built around this idea. You take our approach as a whole or not at all.
How does TikTok Shops  differ from other platforms?
Unlike other marketplaces, TikTok Shops leverages the virality of short videos and user generated content, allowing brands to blend commerce with engaging content seamlessly.
Are there specific industries that benefit most from TikTok Shops?
While TikTok Shops is versatile, industries with visually appealing products, such as fashion, technology, beauty, and lifestyle, often see the highest engagement.
How do you ensure ROI with TikTok Shops?
Our approach blends data with engaging content creation, live selling, and affiliates to maximize visibility and conversion on your TikTok shop.
Can we integrate TikTok Shops with our existing storefronts?
Absolutely. We're able to help you ensure that all platforms co-exist and complement each other alongside other efforts.
Is there any setup or equipment required for TikTok Live Selling?
When you work with us, there's no setup or equipment needed on your part. We cover anything and everything for you.
How do we manage orders and payments during a live sale?
This is directly integrated with your TikTok Shops so your team will easily be able to facilitate all the orders.
Can we bring in our own hosts to your studio?
You must choose from our pool of hosts to conduct the live selling for your brand. This is because all our hosts are vetted and trained to ensure brands get the most return as possible.
How can we track ROI of our TikTok Live Selling?
There is a dashboard we all have access to that can clearly show the financial impact of our efforts. We'll be able to not only track ROI but improve it as we move along.
Can we use TikTok Live Selling for product launches and exclusives?
Absolutely! Live selling is an excellent platform for launching new products and offering exclusive deals to viewers.
How do you guarantee ROI with performance marketing?
Through a combination of precise targeting, engaging content, and data-driven optimization, we aim to maximize your marketing spend and achieve a healthy ROI. For us, it's a matter of WHEN not IF.
Meta, Google, TikTok. Which platform is best for my brand?
It depends on your target audience and objectives. Meta is excellent for brand visibility and engagement while Google excels in intent-driven marketing. TikTkok, on the other hand, allows a seamless experience for content consumption and commerce. We'll help you figure out which one works best.
How often will I receive performance reports?
We provide regular reports, typically monthly, but can adjust the frequency based on your preference. Our team is 100% transparent with all the data you need.
What is the minimum amount to spend on ads?
We work with brands that are prepared to invest at least $1K monthly on ads for each platform they want to build on. Anything lower than would be difficult for us to work with.
What's the minimum engagement period with you?
Our standard duration is at least 6 months. We can consider doing 3 months but this will be subject to a one-time setup fee.
Is your pricing negotiable?
Unless you are looking at a longer engagement period, our prices are final and non-negotiable.
What guarantees can you offer our brand?
In our experience, our campaigns are effective as long as we stay consistent over time. We also have our 7-14-30 guarantee to ensure we start fast and strong. In 7 days, you're live. In 14 days, you're omnichannel. In 30 days, you see sales impact.
Do we get discounts for longer terms or upfront payment?
Absolutely! We're happy to discuss this with you.

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