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Transform your brand into a media powerhouse to reach more people and grow your busness.

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Why Should We Care About TikTok?

TikTok has changed the way brands create content and sell online. The best brands have found unprecedented growth from understanding the fundamentals of the platform and applying these lessons across all their channels.


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Our Core Programs

Corporate training tailored just for you

Become TikTok-Ready 🕺

This program equips you with the foundational knowledge to dominate on the platform. Learn how to operate with a media-first approach and grow your brand across multiple platforms.
Understand the many ways businesses are using TikTok and explore how having a "media-first" approach can positively impact your business. 
Map out your customer's journey and build out strategies to integrate TikTok seamlessly.
This program is perfect for B2B businesses and organizations with massive sales teams.
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Launch Your Brand On TikTok Shop 🛍️

This program provides an in-depth discussion on strategies that drive explosive growth for TikTok Shops. Unlock the power of social commerce and launch your brand into ridiculous heights.
Uncover the secrets of TikTok's algorithm, and understand how the best brands are using TikTok Shops to grow their businesses.
Explore the many TikTok products and understand how to fully maximize each to drive more sales.
This program is perfect for retail businesses looking to build a stream of revenue on TikTok.
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