Dermorepubliq & Huskee Digital Wins Best Local Hero Campaign

Makati City, Philippines — May 17, 2024 — The inaugural TikTok Ad Awards 2024 in the Philippines celebrated innovation and excellence in digital marketing. Held on May 17, 2024, at the Makati Shangri-La, the event honored top agencies in the digital marketing industry.

The Best Local Hero Campaign award, which highlights campaigns demonstrating authenticity, community engagement, and social impact, was a key category. This award underscores the critical role brands play in connecting with local audiences and driving meaningful results.

The Best Local Hero Campaign award was presented to Dermorepubliq, in collaboration with Huskee Digital. This campaign entry was recognized for its deep resonance with audiences, inspiring action, and elevating the brand's digital presence.

Dermorepubliq’s Glow-Up at TikTok Ad Awards 2024

Dermorepubliq, known for its innovative skincare products, captured TikTok users' attention with its array of engaging content ranging from product-centric to influencer led videos. A strategy that garnered the brand a significant amount of views and high engagement over time. Their personalized approach of leveraging TikTok trends, incorporating popular video concepts and viral sounds in their videos to creatively showcase their products resonated with consumers seeking effective solutions tailored to their skincare needs.

The award recognizes Dermorepubliq's ability to leverage TikTok to connect with audiences while sustaining a competitive ROAS and competing with larger budgets and established rivals in the market. By embodying the spirit of a local hero, Dermorepubliq has established itself as a leader in authenticity and innovation in the skincare industry.

Huskee Digital played a crucial role as well in Dermorepubliq's success on TikTok. Through strategic planning and creative execution, Huskee Digital brought Dermorepubliq's vision to life, resonating with audiences across the platform.

TikTok Ad Awards Philippines 2024

Looking ahead, Huskee Digital is committed to advancing digital marketing and helping their clients navigate the evolving social media landscape. They express heartfelt gratitude to Dermorepubliq and all their clients for their trust, and the Tiktok-partner marketing agency eagerly anticipates continuing their partnership with Dermorepubliq, building on their shared success and driving innovation in the skincare industry. 

And as TikTok continues to reshape the marketing landscape, Huskee Digital anticipates more exciting opportunities in the future. 🚀If you’re a brand or a business and ready to start your TikTok journey, contact Huskee Digital for a consultation today! 🤳🏼

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